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Serge Poulin on a humanitarian mission

After visiting Mali and Chad last December, the owner of September @ Paris and member of the Rotary Club of Sainte-Foy, Serge Poulin, is preparing a one-week trip to India where Rotary International will equip public toilets in the poor villages located north of New Delhi.

“In addition, we will provide 1,000 Indian families with sand filters,” said Serge Poulin. We will also allow 2,000 Indians in this area to have cataracts removed. We will travel to India for a week to connect with the people who will receive the equipment on a future trip. This exploratory journey is necessary to plan what we will do when we go to India to install the various equipment. ”

The previous mission of Rotarians in Tchad and Mali took an unexpected turn. Because of the potential security dangers in the cities he was to visit, the initial vocation of the delegation was changed to distribute about thirty artificial hands.
“We still vaccinated against polio nomads in Tchad. But for the first time in the dozen humanitarian trips I participated in, we offered L-N 4 artificial hands to amputees who were victims of landmines, work-related injuries, or birth defects. I was personally very impressed by the good that we do when we give people a hand. We give them nothing more than pride and, in most cases, allow these people to return to a more normal life.

Most likely, Serge Poulin met an ophthalmologist, Frederic Adom, who was able to take his cataract surgeries course in Cameroon, thanks to the « Poulin Opticien Foundation » who paid the $ 10,000 required for him to register.
“Frederic successfully completed his class and was the best student in his class. During his year of study, he even managed 69 cataract surgeries, almost every time giving a child the chance to return to school. because many young people accompany their elders when they have eye problems. I even had the chance to see him perform an eye emergency on a Chadian with the needle of a syringe. It was quite a spectacle, “he added Serge Poulin with admiration in his voice.